Keeping the old TinyMCE editor while upgrading to WordPress 5.0

December 30th, 2018

WordPress 5 introduces a new block editor. Playing with the layout is easier this way, but on the other hand, writing a new post should not take more time than typing the text. Layout is in the theme.

I guess competition from other website-hosting companies like,, and is the culprit here. They all offer drop and drag editors for layout. No need for any knowledge of HTMl and CSS, or PHP. A noob should do the job apparently. And now WordPress if following. WordPress has better performance with less plugins.

If you’re used to the old, and why not, it’s working fine, just add this to your function file:


add_filter('use_block_editor_for_post_type', 'atys_disable_block_editor');
function atys_disable_block_editor($use_block_editor) {
return false;

The new block editor is another example that progress is not necessarily an improvement for all. Some will be scared by all the changes, Speaking for myself; I think I will switch to a markdown editor sooner or later. Less is more. For now the old editor is OK.


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