Macro Photography with the Raspberry Pi HQ camera and reversing the lens II

June 4th, 2020

In a first post about Macro photography with the Raspberry Pi HQ camera I showed some pictures made with the reverse mounted lens technique and the new Raspberry Pi HQ camera.

But you might wonder what the exact setup was. So I show and describe it here. Yes, the 16mm lens is used upside down, or the wrong way. 😉

As I explained earlier. Normally you catch a big world in a small photo, and by reversing the lens you’ll get the opposite. You can make a small world big.

Exactly what you want for macro-photography.


Macro photography setup with the Raspberry Pi HQ camera and a reversed 16mm lens

What’s on the picture:

  1. A tripod with on top the Raspberry Pi HQ Camera
  2. next the C-CS mount, not really needed, but gives a bit more magnification
  3. next is a C-mount Pentax K-mount adapter, so you can mount Pentax lenses on the Raspberry Pi camera
  4. next is a reverse macro ring a K-mount ring with to male 49mm filter screw thread, needed to mount a lens in reverse/wrong direction
  5. next is  a step up ring 49mm female to 37mm male screw thread
  6. next is a reversed 16mm lens connected with the female 37mm screw thread

That way you get a huge magnification.

With this setup I photographed a 1mm on a ruler.

1mm on a ruler photographed with a reverse 16mm Raspberry Pi CS-lens

It’s a bit dark, but as you can see the distance between the two stripes that is taking up about 2700px.

You can use this setup also as a cheap microscope.


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