Raspberry Pi 5 FAQ

October 4th, 2023

What is the official name of the new RPI 5 device: Raspberry Pi 5 or Raspberry Pi 5 Model B?

That is unclear. 🙂 .

According to mother Lady Raspberry Pi Herself Liz Upton it’s  Raspberry Pi  5

According to father engineer James it does include B in the name: it’s Raspberry Pi 5 Model B

According to the Raspberry Pi 5 itself it’s: Raspberry Pi 5 Model B Rev 1.0

Rev here stands for revision and gives an indication that there has been a small update/patch to the hardware. Of course this name is partly depending of the software/firmware and hardware/revision.

Can I use the same camera cables as for the Raspberry Pi 4?

No, the Raspberry Pi 5 needs another type of cable. Because the connectors are smaller, it uses higher-density pinout variant of the camera cable.

In fact it uses the same cables as a Raspberry Pi Zero (2). So if you have a couple of them, you’re OK.

Does the Raspberry Pi 5 need a new Power Supply?

No, you can run the Raspberry Pi with the trusty Raspberry Pi 4 power supply. It will downstream USB current to 600mA. However, the Raspberry Pi 5 can be more power hungry, and if you really need more power on the USB ports, you better use the new Raspberry Pi 5 power supply. It will more than double the output to 1.6A.

All things considered the new Power Supply is not a bad deal. It will cost you 12 bucks, but it does support PD, and you can even charge your Apple MacBook Pro laptop or your phone.

What about the RPIBOOT mode of the Raspberry Pi 5

If you connect a laptop to the Raspberry Pi 5 USB-C port, so you’re powering the Raspberry Pi5 from your laptop instead of a power supply (yes, that also works on the Raspberry Pi 4), and you press and hold the new power button before connecting the USB-C cable, the Raspberry Pi 5 will boot into USB boot mode; this way the host machine can upload new firmware into the Raspberry Pi 5.

Why does the Raspberry Pi 5 not have an external WiFi Antenna Connector?

Space, and it would be more expensive because you’ll need to cover approval-costs for compliance.

How do I enable USB-boot when I’m using a Raspberry Pi 4 15w power supply instead of the 27w Raspberry Pi 5 power supply?

It will show a warning, stop booting, and you’ll need to press the power button before is continues booting.

Or add this to  `/boot/firmware/config.txt`


See the docs.


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