Screens are getting bigger and wider and uberwide: 30720×768

April 5th, 2012

While taking a look at the screen-resolution tab of the Technology -> Browsers and OS section of Google analytics for this site, I found  a visitor with a baffling 30720×768 screen-resolution.

I know I have geeky visitors, but wow, that’s what you  call a widescreen.

What kind of a device is it?

  • A new Apple super touch-screen for elephants?
  • A Microsoft touchtable?
  • A stretched Limousine laptop?
  • A new Chinese invention for one screen per schoolclass?
  • An interactive bar in the Google Android Cafe?
  •  Or just a browser bug or proxy hacker?

Anyone a clue?

3 Responses to “Screens are getting bigger and wider and uberwide: 30720×768”

  1. xkomczax Says:

    Not only Google analytics, but even Piwik show such a huge screen resolution 😉 But I have no idea what it is…

  2. xkomczax Says:

    BTW: It appears again, this time the provider is Ltdomains. I searched internet and someone wrote (sorry, I cannot remember the link) that it is probably some crawler. But I have no idea why it has such a huge resolution…

  3. Skutečný širokoúhlý monitor . . . | Red Team - News Feed Says:

    […] Stejně jako uživatel v blogu níže i my jsme nezůstali ušetřeni návštěvy super širokoúhlého monitoru. Další uživatel se ptá: opravdu existují 360° monitory. Tento výsledek může konečně objasnit o co vlastně jde . . . citujeme z původního článku na:×768 […]

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