History pushState issues

December 6th, 2011

Opera 11.60 broke navigation on our main website. It does not longer because I added a workaround.

It’s all related to setting the baseURI (wrongly) after ajax loading and history.pushState

To see the problem:

Open this page in Opera 11.60:

  1. http://www.webonomic.nl
  2. Click internet
  3. Inspect any element and readout the baseURI property, it’s set to


While Opera 11.52, Firefox and Chromium set it to


according to the base href element of original the document.

I looked up the specs:


A base URL

A URL, set when the script is created, used to resolve relative URLs. If the base URL is set from another source, e.g. a document base URL, then the script’s base URL must follow the source, so that if the source’s changes, so does the script’s.

I’m not sure if a pushState is changing the source, I can imagine it does, so Opera’s 11.6 behaviour does make sense somewhere. On the other hand it doesn’t change the source of the script?

A couple of questions raise:

  • Is Opera’s 11.60/12.00 new behaviour a bug?
  • How do we set the base url of a json document?
  • How do I set the base URL for a script?

To me Opera 11.5, Firefox, and Chromium’s behaviour does make sense by keeping the base URI of elements to the href attribute of the base element after a pushState event.

Can anyone shed some light?

(I decided to ask this question on the Opera Dev forum as well )

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