Nominate Git(hub) for the Nobel Peace Prize

December 7th, 2011

Git is a decentralized or distributed revision control system. This means every programmers work together in a team, localized, but every team-memberĀ  owns the complete code, it’s back-upped everywhere, not just on one place. Git has increased the speed and ease of development for open source projects enormously. Every one can contribute and pull requests are faster issued than writing an email.

Github is a website that hosts software development projects that are maintained with the Git version system. Github is free for open source projects and offers commercial plans for proprietary projects.

Working together on software with people from all over the world, thereby spreading creativity and collecting global cooperation is the best way to achieve fraternity between people, because there is no sense in raising standing armies and go to war, when we all want to achieve a common goal. A better working… , whatever.

The decentralized aspect of Git is thus very important. Leaders raise armies and make war. People want war because they’re influenced by leaders spreading the words of nationalism and patriotic or religious superiority.

People working with people all over the world know this is nonsense, we’re all different, but have an interest in the same goal. The minds of people are versatile, that makes working with Git(hub) such a fertile soil.

Hereby Webonomic nominates Git(hub) for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Who`s joining?

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    […] We wrote about the Git (and Github), and proposed that the Nobel Peace Price should be awarded. […]

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