Review AOC 16T2 15.6 inch touchscreen monitor

May 16th, 2022

The AOC 16T2 is a portable touchscreen monitor that I bought as a secondary laptop monitor, and as a touchscreen monitor for Raspberry Pi development. It has shown to be a great addition to a Raspberry Pi 400, and for experimenting with a Zero.

The AOC 16T2 offers an USB-C input and HDMI input, it has a built-in 8,000mAh  battery, so it can charge your devices as well. As a bonus it also worked great with my Samsung S20 Android phone, turning the monitor into something like a 15.6inch Android tablet. Samsung Dex software was working above expectation, although Dex doesn’t offer a portrait mode, which is a pity.

Both my laptop and Samsung phone can drive the monitor with just an USB C cable, which is a nice, clean and simple setup. The phone at the same time then is also charged by the battery pack in the monitor.

For connecting the monitor to a Raspberry Pi an HDMI cable is needed, and to get the touchscreen working you need to connect another USB A to C cable.

There is a tiny switch on the right, which is not mentioned in the manual, but a black sticker on the box states:

Please turn on the charging switch for the first time

At first I did miss that notice and then the monitor doesn’t output anything. The switch should be down for charging.

I guess the switch is there to limit charging the battery all the time. It should help your battery to live longer. At least that is what I think the switch is for. It is not mentioned in the manual.

Sound is OK, there is magnetic cover that can be used as a stand. It doesn’t really has a portrait mode, ti doesn’t stick but with some care it can be used vertically.

You can also use it with a VESA mounting bracket.

A downside is the OSD for changing the settings, that’s a bit clumsy, adjusting the volume takes some clicks and waiting, it cycles through all options sow for lowering the volume you have to max it first. That is awful.

Having a portable touchscreen is a nice addition. I also use it connect to my Samsung Phone to read books on a 15.6 inch screen instead of a 6.5 inch.

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