The development of Linux, and Git

April 5th, 2012

We wrote about the Git (and Github), and proposed that the Nobel Peace Price should be awarded.

The Linux kernel is maintained and developed in the Git, and here a video about how powerful that is.

The only question that remains.
Linux is everywhere but not on our desktop computer?

Is that because Windows is bundled with desktop computers in every shop? I mean I had to really throw away some Windows 7 OS’s, because I didn’t want them. Still I had to buy it. Dell, Acer  don’t sell without Microsoft Windows.

There is something wrong with the desktop computer market in the EU/World. And our government fails to act.

Unbundle the sale of hardware and software:

  1. Buy a computer.
  2. If you want Windows: great, buy Windows for another 100 bugs.
    If you want Linux:  download Linux at your neighbour, at the library or wherever you want.

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